Interactive schematics with real time data

for flood emergency management services

The one stop shop flood IoT platform for and by emergency services.

Gain a rapid overview, improve flood responses, and increase community safety.

Why Schematic Intel (SI)?

Floods are more often, dangerous, and costly. Designed for emergency services, SI's platform displays real time flood data on a schematic interface. It helps EMS quickly identify at-risk areas during floods and start making decisions to protect lives and property.

Click on the video to see how SI uses a combination of weather sensors and satellite imagery and displays it onto a single screen interface. Start imaging how you could be using SI to enhance your flood operational decision making.

The Co-founders

We created SI to help emergency services respond to floods, using our expertise in emergency services, technology, and sales.

Carolyne Huber

Romeo Gaubert

Guillaume Mauboussin


With help from experienced researchers, engineers, and business people, we can better help the community and make impactful decisions

Tomonori Hu

Tom D'Agostino

Alain Croset

Nic Bolto

Pierre Ayotte

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